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“Nature is balanced because it is supposed to be balanced!”
Balance, is the reason for all the creatures, living or non-living, all the objects, animate or inanimate, all the ideas, visionary or potent, to perform their own desired function. This balance when coupled with aggressive, passionate, and dedicated efforts, creates miracles. We at OptiSan, are a cluster of creatures, objects, and ideas, passionate, determined, and dedicated to solving one small problem to attain one small balance that contributes a dot on the larger balance of nature.
Amidst this whole world characterized by incorrect reasoning, far-fetched assumptions, erroneous consequences, and exaggerated claims, we are trying to walk a path that is effective yet sustainable.

We are all aware and empathic groups of humans. We do not intentionally harm other species. However, in our endeavour to keep our health and hygiene intact, we end up harming our mother earth. Even if it is unintentional, the harm caused is irreversible. Sometimes our greed has gone to an extent that we lost our larger vision leading to erroneous and irreversible adverse consequences.
Everything said and done, we cannot change our past, but we can change our future. It is our commitment at OptiSan that we create products that are optimum to sanitize ourselves and our surroundings. We do not indulge in exaggerated claims which will lead to erroneous consequences. We are here for a larger cause which comes at a price. Our mission is to continuously walk on a path that maintains the ecological balance while serving and solving the specific purpose and the problem. In this mission of our’s we bring to you our products which are best in quality, serve the purpose for which they are developed and yet leave us, and our surroundings clean enough without any collateral damage.

Presenting OptiSan range of biodegradable products!!!

Come, join us in this endeavour to build a sustainable, balanced, and optimum idea.


To lead revolution in the holistic family health industry through sustainable products

Our vision is to lead a revolution in the holistic family health industry through premium quality cleaning, sanitation and healthcare products that are first and foremost eco-friendly and then good for you too. We aim to change the world view on cleaning supplies and home essentials in a manner where everyday households can leverage the sustainability and hygiene power derived from advanced Biosciences


Better hygiene for today, brighter future ahead

We are on a mission to upgrade the cleaning, hygiene and sanitation supplies you use at home so that you use eco-friendly products for a better tomorrow, without sacrificing on the cleaning ease or cleaning power and hygiene.



Welcome to our store

Optisan’s holistic range of products supports family hygiene and health.

Optisan’s hand sanitizer will completely protect you from the germs, viruses and bacteria that can evade and harm your body through hands.

Optisan’s Foot & Surface Sanitizer will prevent such hazardous viruses from entering your home as viruses like corona can be traversed through your foot ware. Even a surface can be a home to millions of viruses.

These products are purely environment-friendly and extracted & made out of pure herbal ingredients. Hence there will be no chemical reaction at all. By all means, Optisan’s healthcare products are restricting viruses’ entry to your home so you can live a healthy & carefree life.

Optima is a path breaker and trend setter in conceiving, developing and marketing a
range of feed additives and bio-security products by using cutting-edge technology,
the best of laboratory facilities with modern infrastructure and skilled manpower.
Established in 2011, Optima Life Sciences has come a long a way and became
the foremost and fastest-growing company in the animal health, nutrition and
sensitization sector.

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