About The Company

Established in 2010, Optima Life Sciences has come a long a way and became the foremost and fastest-growing company in the animal health, nutrition and sanitization sector.

Optima is a path breaker and trend setter in conceiving, developing and marketing a range of feed additives and bio-security products by using cutting-edge technology, the best of laboratory facilities with modern infrastructure and skilled manpower.

A concentrated R&D process is an essential component of Optima’s work culture.

Optisan – Holistic family health

Optisan is introducing a complete range of healthcare products that will protect human health from all types of viruses, germs and bacteria. Optisan’s belief is to provide holistic family health. And to uphold this belief, Optisan is bringing exclusive healthcare products, Optisan Hand Sanitizer, Optisan Foot & Surface Sanitizer and Optisan Vegetable & Fruit Cleaner. All the products of Optisan ensure a 360-degree safety of you & your family.

Optisan’s hand sanitizer will completely protect you from the germs, viruses and bacteria that can evade and harm your body through hands. Optisan’s Foot & Surface Sanitizer will prevent such hazardous viruses from entering your home as viruses like corona can be traversed through your foot ware. Even a surface can be a home to millions of viruses. Optisan’s Vegetable & Fruit Cleaner will clean vegetables and fruits precisely and removes pesticides, harmful chemicals and dust on fruits and vegetables. These products are purely environment-friendly and extracted & made out of pure herbal ingredients. Hence there will be no chemical reaction at all. By all means, Optisan’s healthcare products are restricting viruses’ entry to your home so you can live a healthy & carefree life.